Do not make your sandwich – create it!

How creative are you with your daily sandwich? What if you do not just make one but create one? Be creative with your breakfast or lunch sandwich and enjoy it to the fullest!

With this post we’d like to start a series of a perfect sandwich creation guides. For breakfast or lunch, or for your healthy dessert use one of these fresh and non-ordinary ideas and, of course, do not be shy to share your own recipe here!

Five Ways to Start Your Day with an Amazing but Simple Sandwich (good for a whole working week). 

Eggs… They are not just healthy and nutritious but also fun to use for your breakfast sandwich. Boil them, fry them or use them pouched, combine with some of your favoruite food on a thin or thick sliced multi-grain bread, toasted or not toasted, depending on your preference, and voilà! Enjoy!


1. For this morning blessing you will need: 

Whole or multi-grain soft bread. Suggested product:

Marinara sauce. Suggested product:

Pouched egg. Suggested product:

Grated Parmesan. Suggested product: 

Fresh cinnamon basil.  Suggested product:


2. Prepare the following:

Whole grain sliced bread. Suggested product:

Curly kale (slightly tossed in olive oil and pan-fried). Suggested product:

Extra virgin olive oil. Suggested product:

Omelet. Prepare it to your taste. If possible use little salt and free run eggs. Suggested product:

Shredded cheese of your choice. Suggested product:


3. To make this simple creation you will need:

Toasted flax seed bread. Suggested product:

Baked beans or bean puree. Suggested product:

Salsa (medium spicy or to your taste). Suggested product:

One “sunny side up” fried egg. Suggested product:

Fresh cilantro (or coriander):


4. Or a variation of the previous sandwich… use:

Same bread – Toasted flax seed:

Chick peas puree. Suggested product:

Tomato slice (slightly fried from both or one side). Suggested product – hot house tomato:

One “sunny side up” fried egg. Suggested product:


5. And something more exotic for Friday! 

Any of the breads above (chose as healthy as you can); kimchi; sliced boil egg (preferably go organic); black or white sesame seeds.

Next time see how you could make your lunch more fun with a simple touch to your sandwich…


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