Eat Local Challenge

In light of the coming summer, i.e. fresh local fruit & veggie season…

Eat Local

Take our Eat Local Challenge – Support your local Ontario producers!

Just follow these easy steps whenever you feel inspired to commit to a week of eating locally and seasonally. Do it and learn to preserve summer’s bounty. Or try it in April already for a more difficult challenge. Whatever you choose, be sure to share your experience with us. We want to hear from you!

How can I participate?

1. For one week, commit to the following:
Spend 10% of your grocery budget on local food. Try one new fruit or vegetable each day. Preserve food to enjoy later in the year.

See what we have to offer to you at this out of season time.
Find your local produce and order from…

Eat Local4


Eat Local5

2. Track your progress using the Eat Local Challenge scorecard (see below).

Eat Local3

3. Send your completed scorecard or submit your story about eating locally to and see what happens.

Good luck!

Julia K

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