Presenting Oriental Collection by Basilur

We are pleased to present exquisite Oriental Collection by Basilur Tea on our Specialty Shelf at!

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Only the most delightful and desired top quality products get on this “shelf”. Make yourself acquainted with this unique Oriental Collection from our new partner Basilur Tea Canada. Find the gorgeous exquisitely krafted metal tin caddies with loose leaf tea or charming 3D decorated boxes with tea bags. In each of them discover a perfect mix of the best Oriental traditions from India, Middle East, China, Japan…  Here is just a few highlights of the collection:

Golden Crescent – A classic example of pure Ceylon “Pekoe” tea, which will guide you through the rich Sri Lankan tea heritage, this is a tea, which personifies the sense of place exemplifying the characters of Ceylon’s finest tea. 100% Pure Ceylon black leaf tea with Extra Special tips, no additives.

White Moon – With the ancient Chinese tradition of Oolong Tea, comes this delightful blend of Milk Oolong Green tea with a distinct silky texture. The milky sweet aroma will leave you content with a smooth and sweet lingering taste.

Moroccan Mint – This aromatic, refreshing Ceylon green tea comes with the goodness of Moroccan mint. A refined palate cleanser which will guide you through each course of your meal leaving you refreshed all day long. 100% Pure Ceylon black leaf tea with Extra Special tips, no additives.

Find your perfect taste within Basilur family. Try them all or one by one. Share your opinion with us.

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We hope you enjoy!

Julia K

Basilur Oriental

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